As someone who has always been interested in creative writing, I have produced (and still continue to produce) fiction prose, poetry, and nonfiction essays, articles, and other analytical writings.

For the most part, this website is a home for things that I have written. All poetry and fictional short stories were written before 2018. Though I no longer write or publish any fiction or poetry, I continue to write nonfiction pieces when I find myself interested in examining certain subjects. Most of these subjects are related to political theory, anthropology, sociology, history, and other cornerstones of belief. Perhaps in more specific terms, we can examine people on a group level, our relations to one another, and our relations to the world around us.

When perusing this website for material before January, 2018, the reader may stumble across fiction and poetry. Since that fiction and poetry may be dark in nature, I would advise the reader to take such material at face value to avoid ascribing any foul intentions or current malcontent on the part of the writer. If, upon reading any of my material, you have any questions, do feel free to reach out to me.

Otherwise, all content — no matter how convincing — is purely of fictional nature unless explicitly labelled as nonfiction.

Thank you for reading, and I am also open to taking suggestions for content, no matter the form it may take.

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