The Current State of South Africa

The country of South Africa is a large state on the southernmost tip of the African continent, bordering Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Nambia. Dutch farmers began to inhabit the land in the 17th century, bringing European farming methods to an otherwise uninhabited and barren region. The Dutch largely remained separate from the various native South African people. Approximately two centuries later, the British Empire began to colonize the state. During this time, the South African Boer people – descendants of the Dutch – as well as the native African people were forced under the empire’s control. The British instituted a formal government to rule over blacks and whites in South Africa, and imposed what is now known as Apartheid in 1948. The British Empire, drained of resources from two world wars, was unable to properly control South Africa. As their influence weakened, the Boer people were democratically elected to control the government. In 1994, with mounting pressure from the world community and disenfranchised black Africans alike, the Apartheid structure was dissolved and the ANC (African National Congress) became the ruling party in the state. Since then, the ANC (with some influence from the EFF party) has remained in control of the South African government.

Currently, South Africa has the highest number of HIV infections worldwide1 and has been dubbed “the rape capital of the world,” with a staggering 1 in 4 South African men admitting to rape2.

Boers make up the vast majority of farmers in the country, and as of 2015, farm work is South Africa’s “most dangerous occupation.”3.

The 132.2 murders on farms per 100,000 people is more than double the murder rate for policeman at 54.4 per 100,000 people, the unions added, and 32.2 per 100,000 for the country’s population as a whole.

Many human rights groups are also claiming that these numbers are not likely to decline, and the levels of torture and brutality continue to increase4.

The murder of farm workers was specifically categorized (each incident a case of a “farm murder”), but since 2007, the ANC has halted data collection on race related crime, as well as the criminal classification of farm murders. Sources for farm murder statistics are collected by private agencies and humanitarian organizations.

Added to this troubling evidence is that the South African governing party, the ANC, seems to be complicit in these acts of violence largely against the Boers. In 2017, the current South African president, Jacob Zuma, called for the confiscation of whites’ land without compensation5 and just the year before, the leader of the Afro-centric EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) party, Julius Malema, warned that the party is not calling for the slaughter of whites ‘for now’.6

I suppose it began on Monday the 30th of October, when a nation-wide protest called ‘Black Monday’ was undertaken against farm murders, particularly… And three days later, the minister of defense conducted an interview in which he said: “If whites should do such a thing again,” – I should point out that it was a peaceful protest, no women were raped, no buses were stoned, no municipal buildings burned to the ground, and so on and so forth, peaceful, across the country – “if whites do such a thing again, they are going to cause a civil war, and they are going to bring a genocide upon themselves.”

– Simon Roche: head of Suidlanders of South Africa, former ANC activist

In addition to the decreasing percentage of Boers represented in the country’s population, it is believed that there are upwards of 400,000 Boers living in “white squatter camps” where they are often refused electricity, water, and government aid.7

South Africa’s president, Jacob Zuma, resigned from office on February 14th, 2018, and his successor, Cyril Ramaphosa, has promised the seizure of land from whites in new changes to the constitution.8

The events currently unfolding in South Africa are quite similar to the fall of Zimbabwe – formerly, Rhodesia. Now, Zimbabwe’s currency has been valued at 35 quadrillion to $1.9

The reason why I’ve written this is because Boers currently make up around 8% of South Africa’s population, which has been in a steady decline every year.10

Whatever one may think of Apartheid, colonialism, or any of the various other injustices which have been perpetrated against native Africans in the past, we can’t let this continue to fly under the radar. I’ve plenty more sources if you’d like to know any more, but understand that I’m not writing this out of some kind of political or racial spite, but rather out of a concern for a people who are being ignored entirely.

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